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Information for BCU UKCC Level 2 Trainees

We have developed this page to help you prepare the required evidence before putting yourself forward to your BCU (UKCC) Level 2 Assessment!

BCU (UKCC) Level 2 Assessment Portfolio Requirements:
All of the evidence for the topics listed below needs to be prepared before you present yourself for your final assessment. We recommend that you gather all of your evidence together in a folder including a title page with your name and Home Nation Association Membership Number, followed by a contents page and reference numbers. If it helps you can print a copy of this portfolio index, and make sure you have attached the relevant evidence numbered accordingly. If you use this and have everything it asks for you can be sure that you have correctly prepared your portfolio ready for assessment.  The evidence required is broken down into the following 5 sections;

As well as the information below, you may also find our Candidates Guide to Completing Level 2 Assessment Portfolio (V1-2) useful.

Word Versions - If you would like a copy of some of the required forms in Word, you can download them here. They have not been specifically produced with this in mind and will therefore require some editing as you enter your information.

Part 1 - General Paperwork Required

1.1     CR Form

Your CR Form should already have been stamped by us in the 'registered' box, and signed by your training course director in the 'training' box. You just need to put the form in your portfolio.

1.2     Your Green Assessment Portfolio
Complete your personal details on Pages 1 & 4 and make sure the date of your BCU (UKCC) Level 2 Training Course and Directors Name has been completed on page 4.
You can also use the Portfolio Pre-Assessment Check List to do the final check that you have the correct paperwork for assessment evidence. Sign in the box when you have the appropriate evidence. NOTE – where it says you need 6 Health & Safety checklists and 6 Risk assessments, this is an error, you just need one per venue used as explained here.

1.3     First Aid
Prior to your Level 2 Assessment, you will need to have completed a BCU recognised 8 hour First Aid course. Check here for our list of suitable courses.
Please note that it is assumed the HSE Emergency First Aid at Work course is 6 hours, unless otherwise stated on the Certificate. Put a copy of your certificate in your portfolio. If you are not sure if your certificate is acceptable, please email and they will be able to confirm.

Long Term Paddler Development Web Test 
You will need to complete this on-line test and put a copy of the certificate in your portfolio. Go to the website here
 You can download the BCU LTPD Pathway Document here, this will help you complete the test.

Part 2 - Assessment Task 1 Case Study Evidence

All of the following paperwork evidence is in relation to the six sessions that you have planned and carried out prior to your assessment. These sessions can be in either kayak or canoe, but must be with the same group of people and preferably be spread out over a reasonable period of time. By spreading the coaching sessions out it allows you and the learners’ time to reflect/review and therefore keep adjusting the plan accordingly. This will allow maximum learning and development to happen.

2.1     Information Gathering
This is on Page 7 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks and needs to be filled in.

2.2     Series Aims
This is on Page 8 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks, you just need to fill this in once right at the start of your sessions as it outlines the general aims – these may well change and you can indicate this in your session reviews and your plan evaluation

2.3      Six Session Planners and Reviews
These are for each of the sessions you have delivered, you can use the template that starts on Page 9 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks, or make up you own. Two o
f your sessions must be observed by a fellow coach or mentor, they will then carry out your review with you. Therefore two of the above session reviews need to be signed by this person

2.4     Health and Safety Checklists 
You must complete one of these checklists for every venue you use during your six coaching sessions. If you just use one venue, you just need to fill out one. These are found on Page 15 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks

2.5     Risk Assessments
As above you must complete one of these for every venue/discipline you use. These are found on Page 16 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks

2.6     Plan Evaluation
This is filled out when you have completed all your six sessions, and it is the evaluation as to how they all went, in this you can identify if any of your series aims changed and why. This is found on Page 13 of your Workbook Assessment Tasks

Part 3 - Assessment Task 1 Additional Evidence    

3.1    Your Journey to UKCC Level 2
You need to write approximately 100 words describing your journey from Level 2 Training to Level 2 Assessment, and how this has developed you to be ready for assessment. (Ref: 13.1 Page 18 of the Workbook Assessment Tasks)

3.2      Skills Checklist
In your Candidate Pack – Section 1, Course Guide on Pages 22-23 there is a ‘Pre-Course Bench Marking Task’. You should have already filled this in prior to your training course. Fill this in again with your current level of knowledge and submit it as your skills checklist.

3.3      Access Details 
Supply details of access considerations for two venues you use in your coaching. Ideally these will have been the same venues you used in your six sessions. This may be a written paragraph or two (approx. 100 words), or a centre/landowner document. (Ref: 2.1.2 Page 19 of the Workbook Assessment Tasks).

3.4      Child Protection / Good Practice Guidelines 
Using one of your coaching sessions as an example, or your place of work, or your club; write up where you can find guidelines for child and vulnerable adult protection. Describe how these guidelines affect you and describe examples of good practice you can incorporate during sessions. (Ref: 6.4 & 6.4.1 Page 20 of the Workbook Assessment Tasks).

3.5      Copy of Coaching Logbook Evidence
In addition to your six sessions you need to show logbook evidence of 10 hours canoe coaching and 10 hours kayak coaching.

Part 4 - Assessment Task 2 Evidence - Technical Understanding

4.1    Coach Sign off 
You need to get a BCU Level 3 Coach or higher to observe you delivering aspects of the 2 Star and Paddlepower syllabus. Having done this they need to sign your Assessment Workbook to say they are happy with what they have seen, this is on Page 22 of the Workbook Assessment Tasks.

Part 5 - Assessment Task 7 Evidence

5.1     BCU 3 Star Award (Boat-based candidates only)
Boat Based Candidates are required to have a BCU 3 Star Award (in any discipline); put a copy of the Certificate in your Portfolio.

CPD Unit
All candidates are required to have completed one of the following;
    -    A second BCU 3 Star Certificate (for more information on the 3 Star Awards
click here)
    -    A 3 hour BCU Foundation Module (e.g. Coaching Young Paddlers, Coaching the Mind)
         For more information on the BCU Foundation Modules
click here 
         For dates of BCU Foundation Modules click here 
   -    A BCU Discipline Support Module (e.g. Coaching Canoe Slalom)
       For more information on the BCU Discipline Support Modules click here 
         For dates of BCU Discipline Support Modules click here 
    -    A BCU recognised equivalent - for a list of acceptable alternative awards click here 

5.3    Child Protection Training
The Canoe England Child Protection Policy requires Coaches who work regularly or alone with children (under 18) to complete ScUK Safeguarding and Protecting Children course. Coaches for whom this does not apply need to complete the BCU Paddlesafe online Child Protection course instead. If you have done other Child Protection Training click here to see if it is acceptable.

Criminal Record Check:

Important Changes to DBS Requirements and Eligibility (posted 31/05/2013)

The new DBS eligibility requirement is linked to a person’s specific role and the frequency and intensity in which they carry out that role. Therefore coaches will no longer be required to hold a DBS Certificate (formerly CRB) to meet the Canoe England Coach Update requirements, or to complete BCU UKCC Level 2 qualification. Coaches may still be required to undertake a DBS Check by their deployer in line with the type of activities/ role they are carrying out. Read more

Extra Support:

Should you have a particular problem or if you would like to receive practical help in your Coaching please contact your Regional or Local Coaching organiser. Contact Details are available here.